Thursday, October 9, 2014

City Impact 2014: Bridges for the Gospel
October 9, 2014

When I was a kid, my Mom used to tell a joke to me. It went like this:

Q: What do you do if you get swallowed by an elephant?
A: Run around until you get "all pooped out". 
[Budum pshhhh!]

In the tired sense of the word, this is exactly what one can feel like in the weeks leading
up to City Impact. There is so much to do, so many details to attend to, and so many loose ends to tighten that all that you can see as being a possible result of this would be just plain exhaustion! 

His Place Ministry - Homeless Cold Night Shelter
But I tell you, watching all the work that the deacons have put in to organizing City Impact, watching the projects unfold at their appointed times, and watching the bridges of change from our church into our community being built and reinforced, leaves me with such a sense of satisfaction in service and unity with the mission of Christ. 

So that you can know the facts:
  • 329 people from Covenant served (adults, youth and children)
  • 21 individuals projects were accomplished
  • 230 homeless care packages were assembled
  • 100 lunches were made for homeless people and day labor workers
  • 61 meals were prepared for new moms that are clients with Pregnancy Resources
  • 20 Lockmar neighborhood yards were weeded
  • 75 people served on the Community of Hope paint project ministering to the homeless
  • 1 women's shelter was landscaped (Genesis House)
  • 1 kitchen was remodeled (Love INC)
  • 9 local ministries were assisted in their daily battle against the effects of sin

All this seems pretty great, until you think of the ramification of all that work.  Those painted houses, pulled weeds, prepared meals, and packed lunches do more than we ever imagine.  These statistics tell of a seed that has been planted that can and will grow beyond our comprehension.  When you think of the fruit of this one week of labor that we may never see, then the whole thing becomes GRAND!

I can't help but think, if we could simply keep building bridges, keep serving together, and keep marching forward with the Kingdom of God into the lost and broken kingdom of this world, what great rewards and benefits for God we would inevitably see!

Praise God for City Impact 2014!

Voyagers assemble bags for homeless

If you or your small group would like more information on local ministry opportunities, see or contact Ransom Kent at