Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Power of ROAR
May 20, 2014

This past Saturday, ROAR Basketball celebrated its most successful season yet. Although it is certainly impressive to know that we had 180 kids from ages 5 to 14 enrolled and playing in 4 different leagues, and that spread among those leagues we had almost 50 coaches, these numbers still do not represent the value and the importance of what ROAR is really all about.

The power of ROAR is found in relationships. The relationships that form between neighbors and strangers are the bridge over which God carries the Gospel to hungry and needy hearts. I wanted to share this experience from one of our church members with you all as one example of many of how the small investment of a relationship can turn into so much more.

My next door neighbors are Hindu. My children play with their children often and one day the subject of religion came up. My son, being as bold as he is, asked them one day, “do you believe in God?” The kids responded back “of course, we believe in many gods”. My son said “No, no, no, do you believe in the one TRUE God?” The kids responded back and said there are many true gods. My children were confused so during dinner they asked me and my wife for advice. We confirmed that they were doing the right thing, evangelizing is an amazing gift from God and that they are privileged to be used by Him. We also encouraged them to wait for God’s timing. 

Later that week, we found out about ROAR Sports and entered our children in to the league. The following week, the neighbors asked if we knew of any basketball leagues his son could participate in….we said “heck yeah”. He brought his son and came out to ROAR sports and they enjoyed themselves. I told the director about the neighbors situation and what we have been doing with them. So the program director invited them to “show up” the next morning with his ROAR sports shirt on. Well that next morning at church, it just happened to be Easter. 

After the service, my son asked his friend what he thought about the service. The neighbor’s son said, "it was wrong what they did to Jesus, He was a good man." He didn’t understand why they would do something like that to Him and why He would continue to love us. He was extremely intrigued but confused and had a long conversation about what it is like to have a relationship with Him. 

That same week, the next door neighbor’s wife came out to talk to us while the kids were playing and out of the blue asked about what the kids do at church? Asked if they are taught Bible lessons etc, both me and my wife were dumbfounded because we totally did not see that coming. They are interested in the children coming to church. God is amazing….what a lesson for all of us.

For more information about ROAR, its ministries, and how you can either participate or get involved visit our website @ www.covenantpalmbay.org/ROAR