Friday, February 4, 2011

IronMen "Love Opp" Project
February 4, 2011

On January 29th, our "IronMen" men's ministry gathered for breakfast, fellowship and prayer, and then split up into various teams to do a variety of handy-man service projects for needy folks in our church and community. 

For one of those projects, several of our men partnered with Love INC and men from other churches to bless a lady named "Eula Mae."  Eula Mae's home has had unrepaired roof damage and internal water damage since the 2004 hurricanes.  These men had the privilege of demonstrating the love of Christ by accomplishing significant repairs in her garage ceiling, inside floors, and other projects.

For more information, check these out:

Eula Mae with a helper from Melbourne Community Church

Tom Tanner hauling damaged carpet out Dick Bolton really enjoying the floor clean-up project
Brian Keen preparing the garage roof for new plywood Bobby Cooper cutting plywood to size for the garage roof Eula Mae really enjoying what these men are doing for her

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

International Game Night
February 2, 2011

This past Saturday night (Jan 29th), Daniel Hedman, Linda Condon, and Tom Mlsek hosted a dinner and game night for some local Chinese international students from Florida Tech. 

This was a great time to build relationships, help them practice English, and help them continue to adjust to the American culture while they study here. One of the student's parents were visiting from China, so we pulled the atlas out and learned a lot about where they are from. They really got into the game, and they seemed to enjoy the genuine friendship. 

If you are interested in building relationships with international students, or what that entails, please contact Pastor Jonathan Culley (