Monday, July 21, 2014

First Sunday Socials for Young Adults
July 21, 2014

Being a recent graduate from high school and now attending a local college, I can confidently say that it has been a struggle to get connected to a good college-age ministry in the Palm Bay area.  Many high school students move away from the area to attend college following graduation, but for those of us who don't, we're left to fend for ourselves, often having to find a Christian community outside of our church.  I know of many ministries that have started up (and have thrived, even) only to fall apart after less than a year, or drift away from sound doctrine.  Our church has had many attempts to reach the college-age group with Covenant Groups or other events, but nothing seems to stick and bring new people.

Until now.

Recently, Covenant has begun a Young Adult Ministry, which has consisted of a few Sunday socials at Fred Lee Park or Pastor Jonathan's house.  I went to the first social (begrudgingly, to be honest), and was unsure as to how I would fit in.  I gave it a couple tries, and this past Sunday was (in a word) fantastic.  We met at the Culley's house right after church, and not only was it one of the best-attended First Sunday Socials, the dynamics were practically perfect in every way (to quote Mary Poppins).  After lunch, people naturally broke out into smaller groups for some exhilarating games of Crazy Uno and Dutch Blitz.  I had fun and many others appeared to enjoy themselves as well.

I have begun to change my attitude toward what I had previously considered "another young adult ministry".  I think that if we keep having social times like these, other young people will wonder, "What's that going on at Covenant this weekend?  Let's go check it out?", and this ministry just might become grafted into the DNA of Covenant.  So, let's do this; get the word out.  Share upcoming events on Facebook.  Click here for our Young Adults Facebook page to see when our next event it.  Invite your friends to your Covenant Group or the next First Sunday Social.  In the long run, you'll be glad that you did.

For more information or to stay in the loop, check out our Young Adults Ministry page at