Thursday, February 27, 2014

ROAR Basketball
February 27, 2014

ROAR Sports is our church's primary means of community outreach and evangelism. Thus far we have hundreds of community children, teens, adults and families involved in a diverse range of recreational activities. These range from surfing to bowling and from soccer to basketball. While increasing the skill level of the participants and making sure a good game is played, these are all really secondary priorities to the ROAR program. 

Mic Huenefeld is one of the lay leaders for this years ROAR Basketball season. While we were discussing his passion for this project and the needs they are still facing (see last paragraph) for this season, Mic made this statement, "Project ROAR is in full swing, and we are looking for people to share the Gospel (through Word and Deed) in Palm Bay!  ROAR solely exists to turn people from Death to Life by bringing them the Good News that Jesus is our Savior." 

What an encouraging reminder! 

More important than making more baskets than the other team or making certain our children grow up to be NBA stars is the task of sharing the Good News of Jesus' gift of salvation from our state of spiritual death with others. ROAR sports is more about relationships and sharing our lives with others than it is about the scoreboard or the referees. 

If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience what a great ministry ROAR sports is or you have yet to see the amazing fruit that it is already bearing, I encourage you to make it out at least for one Saturday this Basketball season. Once you see the coaches teaching the players about Christ and you take a moment to talk with a parent of one of the kids that are playing you will know the blessings that come from relational evangelism and you'll not want to miss out on any more of these opportunities. 

The 2014 ROAR Basketball season will tip-off Saturday, March 8th on the CPC campus. They are still in need of 10 or so more coaches and assistant coaches. If you are not confident in your coaching, that is OK! Approximately 80% of those families involved in ROAR sports are not regular attenders at CPC. If you simply come out and watch the games while talking to a few folks in the stands, you will be taking part in this church's evangelistic mission to our corner of the world. I urge all of you to pray about how God wants you to partake in what He is accomplishing through ROAR. 

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