Friday, February 7, 2014

IRONMEN = Bacon 
February 7, 2014

I love bacon.

Bacon is salt, sweet, fat, and meat all rolled into one delicious crispy morsel.  That is truly the basis of bacon’s greatness.  It is a food event for your mouth that all at once brings joy to your taste buds and also satiates your hunger.  The IRONMEN Eat & Serve will be hosted by our deacons on Saturday, February 22nd, and I would argue it is the live-action version of bacon. Yes, IRONMEN is "the Bacon of Ministries".  Let me explain:

First, there is always a plethora of bacon at the breakfast that starts at 8:00am.  $3 basically gets you all you can eat bacon. The bacon of ministries contains LITERAL BACON!

Second, not only do we get to fellowship with other men of all ages from our congregation (and, of course, talk about bacon), but you also get to go out and meet the real needs of the widows, single moms, and senior adults of our congregation and community.

IRONMEN is the bacon of ministries because it is service, fellowship, worship, evangelism, outreach, and bacon all rolled into one simple event.  All you need to do is sign-up and show up. I truly hope that all of the able-bodied men of our congregation will consider coming out and serving with joy.  There are many needs to be met and there is much bacon to be consumed.

CPC IRONMAN EAT &SERVE, Sat., Feb 22, 8:00am in the Fellowship Hall (cost $3), followed by a work assignment from 9:30-12 noon. CLICK HERE to sign-up.

Best Yet Set folks, widows, single moms and others-need help on a handyman job?  Use the above website link to get a CPC Ironmen to assist you on Feb 22.